Do you have a plan for your building/ Rental property in case of Emergency?

Picture This. You own or manage a property in Hamilton and you wake up to a 5am phone call from your Superintendant. He informs you that a tenant has called and their is water above the baseboards in the basement, control room, and laundry room of your building. He is not sure where the shut off to the source of the water is and the plumber he called won’t be on scene for another 60-90 minutes. There is also boxes of past building documentation and customer storage in the effected areas. You inform the intendant to wait for the plumber, in the meantime do what he can to pull boxes out of the water. During that time, the water continues to rise, the level is now soaking the drywall.

How could have further damage been avoided? The best approach is to have a plan, that you will hopefully never have to use.

SERVPRO of Hamilton, Ontario are emergency restoration experts that want to ensure you are prepared with a detailed plan in the event of a situation like the above. We offer a COMPLIMENTARY “ Emergency Response Plan”. The Goal of the plan is to outline the specifics of emergency contacts, shut off information, floor by floor details of the buildings square footage and types of floorings, safety procedures, utility contacts and information, and even insurance contact information. This type of plan would have informed the superintendant who called where the shut off is and what contents are priority for saving.

In the event of an emergency, whether it be fire, water, wind or vandalism, TIME is the key. An outlined plan can save you money, decrease down time to a business, lower the safety hazards and give you piece of mind that the best possible actions are being taken if something happens.

SERVPRO of Hamilton can make it like it never even happened!!

Contact us Today to learn more.

SERVPRO of Hamilton – (905) 667 8273 –


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